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Small Intense super-charged LED flashlight, with a beam that can sweep light the length of over two football fields on a clear night. Even more impressive - it uses only a single AA or a 14500 rechargable Battery (not included) it's amazing power. One battery will give you more than an hour of brilliant bright light. Compact and tough as nails, it was tested with a rescue worker who gave it the big thumbs up after an all night search and rescue mission. Impress your friends and yourself. Remember those MagLight Flashlights with 4 D Cell Batteries? This mini flashlight, with only one AA Battery, blows it out of the water!
  • Output bright 300 lumens (MAX)
  • LED bulbs, producing super bright light
  • Official Flashlight of Joe Gibbs Racing and the Number 19 ARRIS Toyota Camry driven by Carl Edwards
  • Intelligent high/low/strobe mode cycling
  • Perfect for hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity etc.